Strasberg Workshop & Masterclass

Begeistere Deine Zuhörer 
mit authentischer Bühnenpräsenz
und glasklarer Message! 

(English below) 
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem
Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute freut sich Colíbri Media Publishing, diesen Frühling einen fünftägigen Method Acting-Workshop und Masterclass in Stegen am Ammersee bei München anbieten zu können.

Workshop und Masterclass können sowohl einzeln als auch im Gesamtpaket gebucht werden und stehen sowohl Unternehmern, Coaches, Trainern, Selbständigen als auch Schauspielern offen.

Die Teilnehmer werden im dreitägigen Workshop durch die Grundlagen des Method-Acting geführt und erhalten aus erster Hand Einblick in die weltberühmte Schauspieltechnik von Lee Strasberg. Sie lernen, die Methode in verschiedenen Übungen direkt anzuwenden. Zudem wird improvisiert und an der eigenen Bühnenpräsenz in verschiedensten Situationen gefeilt. 

In der zweitägigen Masterclass findet dann Dein persönlicher Feinschliff direkt auf der Bühne statt:
Du hältst einen Teil Deiner Rede und bekommst direktes Feedback zu 
Deinem Bühnenauftritt und Deiner Message,
das Du sofort umsetzen und so lange proben kannst, bis Du Deinen perfekten Auftritt sicher beherrschst. 

Workshop für die Grundlagen: 05.-07.06.2024
Masterclass für den Feinschliff: 08.+09.06.2024

Das gesamte Programm wird von David Lee Strasberg, CEO und Creative Director des Lee Strasberg Institutes, unterrichtet.

Die Workshop-Gruppe ist auf 25 teilnehmende Akteure begrenzt, die Masterclass auf 16 Personen. 

Du bist Unternehmer, Selbständiger, Coach? Dann schreib mir, wenn Du dabei bist!

Du bist Schauspieler? Dann bewirb Dich bitte hier!

Strasberg Workshop & Masterclass

Inspire your listeners
with authentic stage presence
and crystal clear message!

In collaboration with the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute, Colíbri Media Publishing is very happy to offer a five-day method acting workshop and masterclass in Stegen am Ammersee near Munich this spring.

Workshops and masterclasses can be booked individually or as package and are open to entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, self-employed people and actors.

In the three-day workshop, participants will be guided through the basics of method acting and gain first-hand insight into Lee Strasberg’s world-famous acting technique. You will learn to apply the method directly in various exercises. We also improvise and work on our stage presence in a variety of situations.

In the following two-day masterclass, your personal fine-tuning takes place directly on stage:
You share your speech and receive direct feedback on
your stage appearance and your message
which you can implement immediately and rehearse until you have mastered your perfect performance.

Workshop on Method Acting: June 5th – 7th, 2024

Masterclass: June 8th + 9th, 2024

The entire program is taught by David Lee Strasberg, CEO and Creative Director of the Lee Strasberg Institute.

The workshop group is limited to 25 participating actors, masterclass is limited to 16 people.

You are entrepreneur, self-employed person, coach?
write us to confirm you want to join!

You are an actor? In this case, please apply here!

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Meet the team

David Lee Strasberg

David Lee Strasberg spent his childhood at the Actors Studio in New York where his father, Lee, was Artistic Director from 1949-1982, and at The Lee Strasberg Institutes in New York and West Hollywood, which his father and mother co-founded. He sat in on many of his father’s classes in close proximity to many of the most famous actors of our time.

In 1999, he became the Creative Director and CEO of the Strasberg Institutes. Since then, he has produced dozens of plays and short films featuring professionals and students alike. David teaches classes and seminars at both the West Hollywood and New York schools, while mentoring students on their craft and their careers. He also holds acting seminars to promote his father’s work in the United States and around the world. With an M.A. in Business Administration from Anderson School of Management at UCLA and a B.A. in International Relations and in American History from Brown University, David manages and supervises staff, develops curriculum and oversees the operations of the West Coast campus.

Cornelia Victoria Harms (Producer)

Cornelia Victoria Harms spent her childhood in her father’s church, where she experienced from an early age on how inspiration and creative self-expression sustains people and makes them feel alive. She started performing on (church) stage as a young girl and rediscovered her love for acting while attending a Strasberg Masterclass in Mallorca. Since then, she has further developed her skills on the Method with several classes offered by the Lee Strasberg Institute.

After more than 20 years in the areas of communication, management consulting and mentoring, Cornelia V. Harms founded Colíbri Media Publishing, where she produces inspiring books and new media formats in co-creation with her authors. Since then, she has supported many experts in inspiring a larger national and international audience with their innovative methods. Cornelia teaches speaking and writing and has created a movement for creative leaders. With her charity project daring dolphins e.V., she offers creative projects to children and their families.

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